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natural lignin

About Prosplign

The PROSPLIGN project, funded by the European Research and Innovation Action programme, pioneers the exploration of lignin’s bioactivity potential. By developing cutting-edge methodologies, we aim to unlock value-added bioactive motifs and molecules for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and fragrance industries, leveraging lignin’s natural abundance and biodiversity.

Our Mission

We aim to revolutionise how lignin is perceived and utilised, moving away from traditional depolymerisation methods that compromise its intricate chemical structure. Through our collaborative European consortium, we’re developing cutting-edge depolymerisation methodologies which preserve lignin’s native chemical functionalities, opening new pathways for bioactive compound discovery.

Driving Innovation and Sustainability

Through our focused research and innovative methodologies, PROSPLIGN aims to revolutionize the use of lignin, transforming it from a byproduct into a valuable resource for creating sustainable and beneficial products.
Our project aligns with global sustainability goals by advocating for eco-friendly processes and the development of green technologies. The potential applications of our research extend into improving environmental health and promoting economic sustainability.

Latest News & Insights

Stay updated with the latest developments, breakthroughs, and insights from the PROSPLIGN team. Our work not only advances scientific understanding but also charts the course for future sustainable applications of lignin.